3 December 7pm: Philosophers in the Library presents Shlomo Sand

Israeli historian Shlomo Sand will be joining us to discuss his acclaimed new autobiographical essay on Jewish identity, How I Stopped Being a Jew.

Shlomo Sand studied History at the University of Tel Aviv and at the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, in Paris. He currently teaches contemporary history at the University of Tel Aviv. His previous books include The Invention of the Jewish PeopleOn the Nation and the Jewish People, and The Invention of the Land of Israel.

Shlomo Sand was born in 1946, in a displaced person’s camp in Austria, to Jewish parents; the family later migrated to Palestine. As a young man, Sand came to question his Jewish identity, even that of a “secular Jew”. He went on to write the critically acclaimed and highly controversial The Invention of the Jewish People. For this event, focusing on his new autobiographical essay How I Stopped Being a Jew, he will discuss the negative effects of the Israeli exploitation of the “chosen people” myth and its “holocaust industry”. Sand criticizes the fact that, in the current context, what “Jewish” means is, above all, not being Arab and reflects on the possibility of a secular, non-exclusive Israeli identity, beyond the legends of Zionism.

Shlomo Sand event

Shlomo Sand on The Invention of the Jewish People: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX_xXMsg9BI

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