A Nature Book Each Month: Let’s Give Back Nature Its Song

A Nature Book Each Month: Let’s Give Back Nature Its Song

Last year the French Museum of Natural History and the National Scientific Research Centre conducted a series of studies demonstrating how, year on year, the French countryside is becoming ever more silent. They write of a phenomenon of “mass disappearance,” with bird populations “close to the ecological catastrophe”.


This phenomenon can be added to others of equal urgency, including the consequences of climate change on human societies and ecosystems, as well as the effect of excessive plastic consumption on oceans and wildlife. It is in this context that Shakespeare and Company has committed itself to a more responsible consumption of resources, starting with the reduction of the plastic use in our bookshop and café.

As David Attenborough urged at the World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos: We need “to care for the natural world of which [we] are an essential part” and “treat it with a degree of respect and reverence”.

At the bookshop, we are much aware of the transformative power of books, how reading and exchanging stories can be a way of bringing us closer to nature.

This year we will be selecting a “Nature Book of the Month”. Carefully chosen by our staff, the series will address issues related to waste, plastic, climate change, and biodiversity, as well as feature books of nature writing and fiction. If we want to stop climate change, we need to start by changing ourselves. We hope you find inspiration in these books.

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