Books By Booker Winners, Signed To Me. By Francis Plug

Books By Booker Winners, Signed To Me. By Francis Plug

In order to research my book How To Be A Public Author, I ended up meeting many Booker Prize-winning authors, in public. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds because I’m not particularly charismatic, nor socially blessed. In fact, most people actually find me rather difficult to engage with, or, in their own words, “freaky”, “unbalanced”, “a nut job”.


On my ‘Bookshelf’ are some of the books I’ve had signed by Booker winners. As their authors penned the dedications, I stood immediately before them, slightly cross-eyed. The actual encounters are detailed in my book, but suffice to say, on each occasion I was a bit wrecked, holding back pissy breath.


I’m still getting books signed, and it hasn’t got any easier. It must be even worse for the authors. Perhaps, instead of standing before them, I should stand to one side, out of their immediate vantage point, and whisper in their ear. If they can’t actually see me, my presence could then be imagined, and my whispered voice attributed to any number of characters that already exist inside their heads. Yes, I’ll try that.

– Francis Plug


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