Introducing... Message in a Bottle

Introducing… Message in a Bottle

Since the 1980s, bookshop visitors have been leaving messages—to readers, strangers, lovers—on our Mirror of Love (behind the red velvet drapes in the children’s section). Inspired by these countless little missives, and the fact we’re now shipping books overseas, we’ve created a special ‘Message in a Bottle’ letterbox, into which we invite you to post your notes and pictures and poems! We’ll then harvest these messages and slip them between the pages of books destined to be whisked off to readers across the globe, creating a worldwide paper exchange between literary voyagers and lovers of the written word.

Behold the beautiful letterbox!

Letterbox close up

Talented letterbox artist Octavia Horgan, equally nifty on the shop floor and with a paint brush.


And, finally, we wanted to share a few of the messages left so far, before they start their journeys overseas…



Tumbleweed hotel


If you’d like to order a book from us online (with the option of a note like these slipped between the pages), please visit our online store.




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