La Marche Républicaine

La Marche Républicaine

Though many of us at Shakespeare and Company are not French, we have all chosen Paris as our home and were all deeply affected by the recent violence. Wanting to come together and show our support, a large group of us attended the rally on Sunday 11th January, a slow march from Place de la République to Place de la Nation. It was an extraordinary thing to be a part of. The atmosphere was calm, but with a current of exhilaration, because we could all sense, if not see, the scale of it. People checked their phones and exchanged rumours—“1 million of us, apparently…” “No, 2 million!” It was impossible not to feel a swell of compassion for every single person there and this was incredibly powerful—because in dark and difficult times it’s crucial to redress the balance and look at others not with fear and suspicion but kindness and empathy.


The crowd from above

je suis charlie lips

Graffiti sprang up along the route of the march

ou est charlie

Où est Charlie?


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