Necessary Goodbyes by Rose Alana Frith

Moments fall around us. People pass in anonymous congregations. We sit, apart, strangers to it all and observe the fragile architecture of life and love and living. We are not yet the finished versions of ourselves, which we are forever seeking. We realise there is no such thing. Life is filled with chance meetings, sudden connections and necessary goodbyes. We are repeatedly left— lost and hurt and searching.

Travel leaves you wholly exposed; you are suddenly able to view yourself in isolation from familiar routine and everyday structures. It is both liberating (you may never be this free again) and unsettling (a powerful catalyst).

We consciously capture the moment, a moment. Eyes held. Lights darting. We let ourselves be broken, composed of many fragments. We say goodbye. I join the passing strangers.


Rose Alana Frith is a young writer who was born in Dorset, England, grew up in Reykjavík and northern Scotland, and is now living in Paris. She has volunteered at Shakespeare and Company since October 2013.