What’s Your Ideal Gadget?

What’s Your Ideal Gadget?

There’s never been a better time to be a reader. Today we have a seemingly endless choice of devices for accessing books and other texts. At the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris, various reading platforms — battery powered and otherwise — coexist. People can shuffle through the pages of vintage paperbacks, like an antiquarian copy of “Tender Is the Night,” or new novels, like a hypnotic Murakami hardback or the latest from Zadie Smith; browse from the collection in our second-floor library or choose a quiet spot to read from their tablets.

Encouraging reading is what bookstores do. But as digital technology is making us rely more on screens than on paper, it seems our minds are being rewired, that our “deep reading” skills are being disrupted by the constant scrolling and skimming. What if technology could help reverse this effect and make our reading experience richer?

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About Sylvia

Sylvia Whitman has been the proprietor of Shakespeare and Company since 2006. She took up the reins from her father, George Whitman, who founded the bookstore in 1951.